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  • Benevolent Conspiracy - A Robert Anton Wilson Quote by Steve Fly Mar 27, 2018
  • John Perry Barlow - The Bucky Fuller And The Rumi Of Internet R.I.P by Steve Fly Feb 19, 2018
    It is no exaggeration to say that major parts of the Internet we all know and love today exist and thrive because of Barlow’s vision and leadership. He always saw the Internet as a fundamental place of freedom, where voices long...
  • DJ Fly Spins US Constitution And War Of The Worlds With Alan Hertz 2002 by Steve Fly Jan 2, 2018
  • Fly: Selected Poetry (My Book) by Steve Fly Nov 14, 2017
    "Steve fly Pratt provokes the reader into a notorious intellectual ghetto, conspiracy theory. His methodology is susceptible to number of pitfalls. It is a daring genre. It is based on risks, like poetry or Bebop."--Christian Greer. The language o...
  • Fly Agaric 23 . com by Steve Fly Nov 14, 2017
  • Old Man Trump by Woody Gutherie by Steve Fly Jan 20, 2017
    Old Man TrumpWords by Woody Guthrie, Music by Ryan HarveyI suppose that Old Man Trump knows just how much racial hateHe stirred up in that bloodpot of human heartsWhen he drawed that color lineHere at his Beach Haven family projectBeach Haven ain'...
  • Trumps Inauguration Speech Remixed by Steve Fly Jan 20, 2017
    Lord Satan, Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, Charles Manson and people of the world, thank you.(APPLAUSE) We, the citizens of America, are now joined at the hip in a gre...
  • P2 Part 2 by Steve Fly Jan 13, 2017
    He said it was unlikely that the siblings were acting alone. “That kind of information is useless unless you have an institutional or financial contact that has some interest in having it,” Mr. Marchetti said. “Them, alone, isola...
  • Edward Snowden - Donald Trump Pardon - Latest Interview Russia by Steve Fly Dec 10, 2016
  • How to overthrow a government by Chris Rock by Steve Fly Sep 26, 2016
    Direct from the mind of the guy who bought you the "I will kill you" presentation at DEF CON 23, is another mind bending, entertaining talk. This time it’s bigger and badder than before.Are you sick and tired of your government? Can’t ...
  • The Panamamamatrix: Tsarists and Nazis and spooks, oh my! by Steve Fly Apr 8, 2016
    The CIA Nazi Tsarist Alliance, rolled in Panamamamatrix.The Panama papers are hitting headlines everywhere, hard, from the tabloids to the more respected journals, to the underground. It seems to me that the 99 % of humanity are justified in the d...
  • Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrum on Killingry vs. Livingry. by Steve Fly Mar 20, 2016
    The caption at the youtube link for the video reads:"Max Tegmark and Nick Bostrom present to the UN the existential threat posed by the impending AI technologies." I think that the speech could be viewed as many different things, perhaps a plead...
  • Mass Fascism Of Trump Psychology. by Steve Fly Mar 3, 2016
    Don't run. Have the courage to look at yourself!—Wilhelm Reich, Little Man. For over a year now i’ve resisted writing about, or giving energy to DonTrump, the Donald Trump campain, and his fanatical hordes of supporters. Perhaps i...
  • DEFCON 23: Knocking my neighbours kids cruddy drone offline by Steve Fly Jan 31, 2016
    Published on Dec 25, 2015My neighbor’s kid is constantly flying his quad copter outside my windows. I see the copter has a camera and I know the little sexed crazed monster has been snooping around the neighborhood. With all of the hype aro...
  • A note on tsarist occupation government by Steve Fly Jan 24, 2016
    This paragraph from wikipediahelps define, a small partof what Robert Anton Wilson mean'tin his acronym: TSOG.IMO.TSaristOccupationGovernmentT.S.O.G--Steve Fly"The person of the tsar himself, a sovereign with absolute authority...
  • Troma Tsog with Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche and TSOG with Robert Anton Wilson by Steve Fly Jan 20, 2016
    Troma Tsog with Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche - Samje Djedren Ani Gompa, Nepal 2014
  • DEF CON 23 - Cory Doctorow - Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers. by Steve Fly Jan 20, 2016
    DEF CON 23 - Cory Doctorow - Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose ComputersPublished on Dec 25, 2015EFF's Apollo 1201 project is a 10-year mission to abolish all DRM, everywhere in the world, within a decade. We're working with security re...
  • Doctor Toboggen Face - By Dr Marshmallow Cubicle by Steve Fly Jul 18, 2015
    A frequency jammin' pattern, developed over 5 years and hundreds of hours of free-play, thousands of days of psychic gymnastics, finger twitches, snaps, hollas' and headspin. All here. Captured in a full stream ahood, 1080P version. Early Black-C...
  • James Corbett in Amsterdam: The Secret War – Gladio B and The Battle For Eurasia by Steve Fly Jul 18, 2015
    Published on Dec 2, 2014TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=12947‘Operation Gladio B’--the continuation of the old NATO Gladio program--covers a tangled web of covert operatives, billionaire Imams, drug run...
  • Jacob Appelbaum: "A technical action plan" at Security in Times of Surveillance 2015 by Steve Fly May 30, 2015
    Jacob, Illuminating illuminated manuscriptfor the math of itthe Scanner DarklyPalmer Eldridge andfor the minority report of it300,000 Appelbaums'rushing forward vortexlifting the ball of lightyesyesturn your sssshit downturn your shit down

The spore of the words
  • 7 UP - Alan Hertz & Friends feat. DJ Fly by Steve Fly Jan 2, 2018
  • Spore Of The Words - Available In Paperback Or For Kindle by Steve Fly Dec 16, 2017
  • Fly: Selected Poetry by Steven Pratt. by Steve Fly Nov 14, 2017
    "Steve fly Pratt provokes the reader into a notorious intellectual ghetto, conspiracy theory. His methodology is susceptible to number of pitfalls. It is a daring genre. It is based on risks, like poetry or Bebop."--Christian Greer. The language o...
  • Dude Lie pt. 1 by Steve Fly May 4, 2017
    who's it gonna' be, who?and what policygood for me well bully for youwill it be lucky Les'the police commissionerpardon me chap,computer engineerfancy thatorIan 'bostin' Austinhard labour hanger onwhat policy?universal basic income?on. Get hip to ...
  • More of the words - rhyme time by Steve Fly Dec 4, 2016
    And to the next verse my mouth changes cursePulling on the purse putting bling on reverseFlow on the box, throwing old hot-rocked socksTime stole from clocks, door opened after-knocksKeep it on the the tip caught falling from the nipNap it in the ...
  • The transformational grammar of a fly agaric hypothesis. by Steve Fly Sep 26, 2016
    The transformational grammar of a fly agaric hypothesis.Linguistic warfare and Guerrilla ontological combat, in the mushroom field.the word Fly…morpheme - usage - spread - ambiguity - butter“The more combinations a morpheme is found i...
  • The John Sinclair Foundation - Indiegogo Campaign. by Steve Fly Sep 26, 2016
    Steve Fly 33.
  • River Seven Panoramic Photo by Steve Fly Jan 20, 2016
    The River Seven Steve Fly 33.
  • Spui Straat, Amsterdam, Panorama. by Steve Fly Jan 20, 2016
    Street Art on Spui Straat
  • Post Digital Daydream (For John Trudell) by Steve Fly Dec 9, 2015
    post digital daydream (for John Trudell)I pulled these words into chunks last night, today i intended to post them, but paused after hearing that the great activist poet John Trudell had passed. On second thoughts i should post these chunks as is,...
  • Somebody Blew Up France by Steve Fly Nov 15, 2015
    Somebody Blew Up FranceThoughts on the Paris Terror Attacks, inspired by Amiri Baraka. With luck, leading one to question."We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.”--Jean Baudrillard, Simulcra a...
  • World Piss (Shenanigums Wave) at Google Books by Steve Fly Sep 27, 2015
    Steve Fly 33.
  • Shenannigums stuck between urban and rural dreams by Steve Fly Sep 10, 2015
    Shenannigums licks his wound and paddles out to surf another wave, the blue sky above and darker deeper blue to green below. You know, i get with the flow out here bobbing about like drift wood, a current here, breeze there, waves crashing once in...
  • In Banks We Trust - Stourbridge October 2008 by Steve Fly Jul 16, 2015
  • Doors Freestyle Splurgeon by Steve Fly Jul 16, 2015
    racism like an infectionslowly infecting the hostthe language user turnednaive realistsince Plato and Aristotlethe language virus infectingthe domesticated primatesto be or not tooversimplificationsunderestimationslies of nations states andgenetic...
  • Amsterdam Battavia Writs July 2015 by Steve Fly Jul 7, 2015
    1human rightsrobot wrongsbooks burntrain comessymbol trapslanguage shitstemssystormsheart to mind itbody bliss dis--combobulatethe octopus on our backoctopus tentaclespoking and prodin'our prejudicesthe octopus rift(Occulust Splift)2the music play...
  • for the river stour and all rivers rolling onwords by Steve Fly May 20, 2015
    And the streams trickle downtoward the lower pointtop down flowssurplus overflowingthe return home by way ofreplenishing those drythose brittle with thirstthe river forms and bringswater to the lands and to lifeto the river banks and thetruth of a...
  • Selfish and conceited ways of muddle-class by Steve Fly May 19, 2015
    Home or not homethat is another questionhow far back can you think?eh...How wide is your gazeeh?your sources and resourceshow comprehensivehow variedhow pluralistic?measure it motherfuckeryour gaze is narrowthoughts wellgenerally selfishself cente...
  • Waywords and Meansigns: A Journey into Finnegans Wake by Steve Fly May 1, 2015
    Waywords and Meansigns: A Journey into Finnegans Wakemix himself so at home mid the musik--FW, pg.437Shortly after discovering the Waywords and Meansigns project, linked from a blog called RAWillumination.net tailored by Tom Jackson, I ...
  • 'ay muse'--toward a mayday poem for 2015 by Steve Fly Apr 24, 2015
    ay musesing into my ear sing your song of springspin your harmony and trans-love vibrationsalong these lug-holespull me out from the nightmare of white-marerich white male marriageto the fake queeg liz'and her diamond-trade carriageoff-shore opera...

tale of the tribe
  • Alan Moore In Conversation With Youth by Steve Fly Apr 4, 2018
    Alan Moore in conversation with Youth - Super Weird Happening, April 01, 2017 from Jahski on Vimeo.The 14 hour Super Weird Happening at the Florrie, Liverpool 8, was a day of wonderment, inspiration and discovery. The highlight, for many, was the...
  • Coincidance: A Head Test by Robert Anton Wilson. by Steve Fly Mar 27, 2018
    This, for my money, is the most spectacular non-fiction work that Wilson ever penned, breathtakingly adventurous in both its content and its strikingly experimental form. Uncertain and demonstrably uncaring whether it’s a piece of literary c...
  • Deep Code Experiments by Jordan Greenhall by Steve Fly Feb 19, 2018
    I was delighted to recently stumble upon (by way of a Twitter retweet by Cory Doctorow) these fresh video's from Jason Greenhall, exploring various scenarios, maps, models and metaphors worthy of your contemplation, and for anybody interested in '...
  • Fly By Night 248: Do It by Steve Fly Feb 19, 2018
  • DJ Fly with Alan Hertz & Friends - Rumours Lounge - Eureaka - California 2003 by Steve Fly Jan 2, 2018
  • Rockers, artists pay tribute to James Joyce with massive project by Steve Fly May 13, 2017
    “What I found out,” says Pyle, “was that there were all these niches and subcultures — dead heads, punk rockers, out-there artists, avant-garde classical musicians, Robert Anton Wilson fans — and within their subcultu...
  • A note to Bob by Steve Fly May 4, 2017
    Dear Bob,the world seems so messy without you, and we all miss your social commentary and King Kong like presence on the underground. Raw heads still turn to you for the clearest perspective on any particular issue, be it concerning intelligent si...
  • INTRODUCTION THE TALE OF THE TRIBE - Michael André Bernstein by Steve Fly Mar 1, 2017
    Michael André BernsteinIn lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:INTRODUCTION THE TALE OF THE TRIBE "I hold that a long poem does not exist. I maintain that the phrase 'a long poem' is simply a contradiction in terms. ....
  • Kurt Vonnegut on Paul Krassner and his poster - Fuck Socialism by Steve Fly Feb 13, 2017
    by Kurt VonnegutPaul Krassner, 63 at this writing (1996), old enough to be my baby brother,in 1963 created a miracle of compressed intelligence nearly as admirable forpotent simplicity, in my opinion, as Einstein¹s e=mc2.  With the Vietn...
  • Interview with Bruce Sterling by Steve Fly Feb 12, 2017
  • The Modernest response to Chinese Art by Steve Fly Feb 12, 2017
    The Modernist Response to Chinese Art
  • Finnegans Wake by James Joyce by Steve Fly Jan 8, 2017
  • Cantos of Ezra Pound - Canto LXVI by Steve Fly Jan 8, 2017
  • Ezra Pound's Chinese Friends by Zhaoming Qian by Steve Fly Dec 31, 2016
  • McLuhan and Holeopathic Quadrophrenia | The Mouse-That-Roared Syndrome by Bob Dobbs by Steve Fly Oct 5, 2016
    McLuhan and Holeopathic Quadrophrenia | The Mouse-That-Roared SyndromeListenBob Dobbs at “Legacy of McLuhan Symposium,” Lincoln Center, Manhattan, sponsored by Fordham University, 28 March 1998by Bob Dobbs(published in The Legacy ...
  • On McLuhan's Mental Mosaic - Hologrammic Prose by Steve Fly Sep 19, 2016
    "But McLuhan created a more fundamental means to a more organic understanding in the very aphoristic style in which he chose to convey his ideas one consciously embodying the concept that the medium is the message. Its means is not to follow a con...
  • Fenollosa - Pound - Yeats: (Certain Noble Plays of Japan) by Steve Fly Sep 19, 2016
    From The Manuscripts Of Ernest Fenollosa,Chosen And FinishedBy Ezra PoundWith An Introduction By William Butler YeatsFenollosa, Pound and Yeats are all members of Robert Anton Wilsons 'all star cast' for The Tale Of The Tribe.Here we have one docu...
  • Giordano Bruno, Timothy Leary And The Starseed Transmissions by Steve Fly Mar 21, 2016
    Einstein's equations. Nuclear energy. The revelation of DNA code as literally a code to be deciphered. Neurological imprinting. Anti-matter. Mankind clings to the old myths, avoiding the new truths.It happened before.Towards the end of the sixteen...
  • Dr John C. Lilly on human/dolphin communications. by Steve Fly Mar 4, 2016
    OMNIYou're probably best known as "Dr. John Lilly, the dolphin man." What is the aim of your current dolphin research? LillyAt Marine World, we're working with computers to develop a human/dolphin code, analogous to the Morse code used in tel...
  • Douglas Rushkoff Rocks The Google Bus by Steve Fly Mar 3, 2016
    Douglas Rushkoff Rocks The Google BusBy Steven Rosenbaum Douglas Rushkoff is one of those rare writers and friends. He can ask big gnarly questions, and then before you know it, present a buffet of solutions that leave you with a ravenou...

    Steve Fly
    • I want my fucking money - A Robert Anton Wilson Quote. by Steve Fly Mar 27, 2018
      Steven James Pratt
    • Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues - Steven Pratt by Steve Fly Feb 19, 2018
      Silent But Dudley: Black Country Blues Paperback ...
    • Fly By Night 249: Sitarrtha by Steve Fly Feb 19, 2018
      Steven James Pratt
    • Day Off by Steve Fly Jan 5, 2018
      Day Off by The Fuck You SoundSteven James Pratt
    • Live with Garaj Mahal - British Columbia - Snug Lake 2017 by Steve Fly Jan 2, 2018
      Steven James Pratt
    • Spore Of The Words: Republished (2017) And Available For KIndle by Steve Fly Dec 16, 2017
      Steven James Pratt
    • Fly - Selected Poetry - Kindle Edition by Steve Fly Dec 14, 2017
      Steven James Pratt
    • Fly: Selected Poetry (Available To Order) by Steve Fly Nov 15, 2017
      https://www.amazon.com/dp/1978105096"Steve fly Pratt provokes the reader into a notorious intellectual ghetto, conspiracy theory. His methodology is susceptible to number of pitfalls. It is a daring genre. It is based on risks, like poetry or Bebo...
    • Love's in need of love today. by Steve Fly Jun 16, 2017
      Love's in need of love today.Over the last 24 days, great Britain has experienced a series of tragedies that have ripped through the heart of communities. The loss of life and the loss of trust are devastating, and i for one need to talk a little ...
    • Love and Hate and tolerance rants. by Steve Fly Jun 8, 2017
      After studying the works of Robert Anton Wilson for over 20 years, i can't shake this general love for all humanity and the ongoing practice of tolerance and forgiveness, at the heart of his works. When his daughter was beaten to death, and the...
    • 'If you push that button, your ass gotta' go' by Steve Fly Jun 3, 2017
      ...what necessary forceto protect and serveby pushing the bigbuttonthose insecurecalling for more securitynaturally "protect mesave me, oh mighty one,say you'll keep us safe bypushing the button'we demand the three minutes extra lifebefore we get ...
    • Globividual by Steve Fly Jun 3, 2017
      ...follow my flip-flopping thoughts onthe left leaning individualistand the right leaning globaliststereotypedo they meet in the best poemsepic, and including historydoesn't the tragic comedywear sandals?how to unite the individualist anarchistand...
    • Dead souls and living memory by Steve Fly May 23, 2017
      Dead souls and living memoryThe child of refugeesfleeing from Libyaand the chaos of Col.Gaddafi's insanity.Missed-educated and lost tosome strong social psychologicalforces, a dying mind and dead soulconsumed by who knows whatsordid influences,ide...
    • Interview with Daisy Campbell and Michelle Olley on Resonance FM by Steve Fly May 13, 2017
      Johny Brown interviews Daisy Campbell about Robert Anton Wilson, Illuminatus! and her new play, 'Cosmic Trigger,' which is currently running at the Cockpit Theatre.  Steven James Pratt
    • If not Article II, Section 4, then using Section 4 of the 25th Amendment by Steve Fly May 12, 2017
      As the president's most tireless online antagonists repeat hourly, Trump would seem to be a prime candidate for impeachment and/or removal from office, if not under Article II, Section 4, then using Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which provides ...
    • Questions to avoid catastrophe (in the UK) by Steve Fly May 6, 2017
      Questions teased from the latest interview with Slavoj Zizek (The man of the moment)we must talk in a rational and organized wayif not we head for catastrophewhat happens the morning after the revolution?how will the ordinary people changewe need ...
    • Ninja Jamm - System 7 - Fly Agaric 23 remix by Steve Fly May 4, 2017
      Steven James Pratt
    • Cosmic Trigger audio book by Steve Fly May 4, 2017
      The story behind RAW’s Cosmic Trigger Audio Bookposted by RasaEver since I heard Ken Campbell reading Part One of Illuminatus! in the 2007 Deepleaf Audio production, I had the idea in my head that I’d love to hear an aud...
    • Unjust My Opinion by Steve Fly May 4, 2017
      Unjust My Opinion (UMO)(a freestyle driven by rhyme pressure)...unjust my opinion, makes me cry like a onioni feel my opinion, hurts my foot like a bunionopinion, i got a million, billiona trillion zillion 23 piece pinionI just can't stand any mor...
    • Wrap and Roll by Steve Fly May 4, 2017
      Wrap and roll(a loose, free-flow of consciousness on a rhyme schemed up on the fly)well you start with the seeds, and water when she needsto break out the shell, and grow out the smelltreat the girl nice, and keep out the licefeed her with the lig...


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