Flynagains awake
The following is a remixed fairytale under construction. Enjoy

Deerunk upon way over maybe aboat thirteen cups
for aboat thirteen months of a new Kullendar,
I guess eye was stumbling cristcrossin the
outside the steppin stones pub.

Skippin cyclikal snare circle’s beneath nine babblin
brooklynn bbbrownstone marrone-castagnu colored
chestnut arches of the viaduct.

Looking skylyke at starrysporia near lye town
Eye woz dayzed and kungfuzed
"Oh wow Lady dee!
look at the stars man
check tha.
A hanging trolley.

Plop. Swurlysquirl. shheeeteyez fell
tigerskin-water, wetsox snakeflows
Suckling vortexs pulling me under,
Steerbridge undercurrents
Holding my heart now,
no escaping love currents.

"Death alive!" i thought,"i'll be drowndeadderunken
sunk for sure!
Zwemmen, swommen, swimmin
fuzzy dark guinness hair; beaver coffee
Where’s my ferry man?

don't let me drown and visit the deepdead
river soul’s, I must swim upinfinite stream
Summerhow eye manage to scramble ashore
from churning miss Leafystar,
confronted with a knu re:historic landbrushedscape

The beginning,
or so it feels to my frozen
Cartoony bullbust above the whorizon-axis
hung she, the giganormous milky southern knocker

Peeping out through a kraftykut peephole
In the starbra
"Oh’ laydee deedubs."

To the nord, est, ovest and sud
eye was pupil of searching

Ode to our ladies grace!

felt lyek struckaneen or sumert took old of me gutter pouch
churned my inside tideturned -

My attention was highjacket
grande full-cream knocker in the sky,
a thunderflash it had turned black.

Blueberry moonriver black flooded
her apple breasted surface with inky thick
Oily hues.

Moving fast, scrambled glitch
descending Flaming technicolor the u.f.o
burningbird burningbird of fire scream Loud

if six was nine!"

Bird looks me full in the moonlightface,
“Wee the People of the Euroknighted States,
in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice,
insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense,
promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of
liberty to ourselves and our posterity,
do ordain and establish this constitution for the
Euroknighted States of Amirrorkle.”

Without using spokewords, eye communicated
spinning cycle saga’s of tymetrouble to the giant chicken.

Revolutionary tale unwound,
swimtripkick ashore, freestyle to strange new land,
bewilderdead lost and the letter i messed up,
and the hung trolley.

"I'll fly you right out of this stinking inferno.
I got wings"

"All right! that sounds great, thanks man,"
Up and up we flew in quicktime clock-blue air.
High, hoog, alto, up.

"Where we eddin, sur ?" i said, as we flew
over lyekingsfordbridge herbengarden.
"Hold your lymee tongue, fli, mind your own dizziness
and don't be interfering."
So i bit my murmelen and held on tight.

Sleek baldhead with talons gripping an olive branch
some arrows, and me, together we flew
on thin air, and the firebird talked and talked...

"Flyni," said the bird
"im tired after flying get off me and sit down on the moon.
Hang onto that vajra hook sticking out the side
of the moon over there, see it?"

"No way man, i'd flail ‘n fall again.
"Catch hold of that hook, go on, off. Now"

"Foul bloody flirebird," i said under my breath,
Eye got off his back with my heavy heart,
took a hold of the hook and squatted down
upon the moon.

"Good morning to you, Flyni," said the bird,

the dude in the moon started showing his
dry cracked dry smile.

"Good next week to you, Flyni. Wot's up with yourself?"
"Not much," i harped, rather calmly.
"What in the world brought you out here to the moon Flyni?"

So, i reeled out my tale
i wuss hanging a trolley on maybe tirteen grails
slipped and fell into the river, swam for me lyf
and then became stranded, then hijajacked by some
crazy bird.

"Flyni, you must not stay here." said the loony critter
"Eye don't wanna be here man!
did you hear what i just said? i was kidnapped

"That's your bizzinesst, bee off
in less than no tyme!" snapped the grumpy cheeseball.
"Flyem doin no arm ere sur'
"That's what you must not do."
"I'm not let tin go mi hold you phoukin moonatrick.
I'll be djedead wunt eye."

Without a word he pulls out a massive
crooked cucumber from hiss crack house
and gives two bhang's on the hook
which wuz oldin me up.

"Good morning to you" the spiteful old moonguy said
as he watches me fall, rolling, tumbling,.
"Ghod alp me" i mumbled, on my decent to the unknown.

And no sooner had these wurds left my lips
unto the air that whizzum - what should fly by my earwig
but a fluck of geese all the way from me ohm town
boggeridge, how else could they have know me?

The old gander who was their general turned his noggin and cried out to me;
"Is that you flyni?"
"The samesame," said eye,

"Falling falling fallen you are, Flyni," says he
"An understate-ment your honor!"

"And where on earth are you going so fast?" said the commander gander, since i just noticed his stripes, so i unfolded to him flibagins snake charm; too much woest worden honingsap, the fall, the swim to isola re:historica, stuck in the stinking muckapucka, and the flagming struisvogel thief who flew me up to the moonmiller while rappin ronin strange axis stories of his vortex brother in the barmyarmy who planned to take over the under udder with a fabulose race of ‘Princess Annuki Chicken Hawk Eagllette’s, and how the spiteful old moldy dudemoon man, who should have been a woman called Dianna, snapped the kalkamandollardajra with his crooked Qcumber which was keeping me up and sent me tumbledumpty down bouwvallig; sovereign sungold coin flung dropped wishingwell.
"Flyni," said he, "I'll save your sorry ass, grab onto my legs and i'll stop you falling any further."
"Sweet, dolce is your hand in a pitcher of honigsap, my gioiello," says i, and grabbed the gander by the leg and we flew off fast as gofast with the rest of a six pack or dozen wildeyed muther flockers.

We flew and flied and volair and flown and vliger and flew, till we came right over the wyde oceaan blu. Where the phook am i going now i thought, where to? The Ocean of potion, the knu whirred Wu?
"Fly to terra, fli to land, if you please. Sir!"
"it’s impossible flyni, because you see we are flocking to Slyberrya. We all like to koryack around june 21st each year."
"Cyberia! that's phunkin month’s away, in some foreign part of the world, it’s gonna tek us yonkers mon, i just wanna go Ohm, please take me ohm."
"Hold your flipping tongue,"

Once more pleading for my dear lyf i pray for Amirrorkle and sure as war an oil tanker sailed into sight below us, carrying stolen loot from the miggle est back to Amirickle i guess.
“Can you just drop me off here on the oil tanker Gandhi mate?" i asked.
"if you must, you must, i think you have mist it though. There you go...take your own way - and don't call me gandhi again flyni, all right,"

With that he opened his claw, dropping me down to the blackpirate tinkertanker below. Sure as day i missed the boat and came down sploshington into illicHcilli oceanpond, sinking down through the churning asparagus broth schimen, down, deep downgreen emerald, falling lucifer mossrocks, eye gave up on myself then forever, when, out of the ruddy hulk warters a porpoise came swamming right close up to me, right up close enough to kiss me, and i think i might while she’s skratchin her blow hole, and stretching her finns out after a good nights sleep i bet, yeah, she looked me full in the face with some Hunab ku transcendent oogles and never a word of English she did say - thank goodness - but, lifting up her tail, she splashed me all over again with cold salt water, the wet stuff, not the words here; until there wore a dry stitch upon my boggysoggy carcass. I remembered the firebird and how he reached my mind without words with them pickledgraffs, and i was beginning to receive signals from the dolphin about spacetimespace and outermindbrainplace things and holographic thoughtfacetime stuff, then i heard a distinctive angel’s voice, slightly pissed in the murky distance; a voice and tone i mecognized.

"Wake up stephan you lazy phuka!"
There she was - a man eater - splashing agua all over me hop-stinking carcuss, my beautiful wyf had metamorphosed from a mermaid into a raging bullhound alarm clock. I was ringing wet.
"Get up, stand up!"
"Why do you lye under them ould walls of boggarigapooka huh? it's such a mucky stinking baga wind. Honeysap maybe the death of you of these daze you’ll stay drunken sleepin and never wake agen! Never in a month of sun days will you learn your lesson from them moonshine bird brewers.

Spun from an Irish fairy tale about Daniel O' Rourke, collected in County Cork by Thomas Crofton Croker (1870)

Re:mixed by Fly Agaric23/Acrillic

Copyleft 21:12:2012 Fly Agaric 23