DECADE 2001-2011

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DECADE 2001-2011


So it goes, friends and readers...whoever and wherever you are, which events from your life experience seem important to you today? Which would you choose to define any given period of time? How do you order and make sense of them?

If we are to make sense and meaning of history, and share a spot of sanity--a risky slippery endeavour in the age of global Internet but nontheless one which any poet worth that title might pursue--a 'poem including history' of the last decade seems to me a good place to start, to get a good first footing.

The launch of Wikipedia in February of 2001 impacted my writing greatly due in part to the simple list of historical events deemed worthy of inclusion by the Wikipedia commons group, freely available to make sense of at your own risk. The risk may be reduced when sufficient attention falls upon the subjective, self-reflective perceptual process. Some methods and principles--such as ‘operational language used by some-but-not-all scientists and ‘E-prime’ and variants used by some-but-not-all linguists--act as harm reduction buffers and crash helmets to protect the head. I recommend them, but often go speeding without a helmet, license or clue 'where' I am heading.

When history and things devolve into chronological order I find difficulty in NOT drawing conclusions based on the ordering, one thing leads to another, the connection is right there! or so it seems, to a linear oriented mind set. However the questions linger like old trout, which ‘events’ were pivotal, which shall be relegated to the footnotes or deleted? How did the author or protagonist choose the events? based on which values and principles? what ordering system, what right knowledge? How many appear justified by later historical events and how many need revision today? (i.e Wikileaks exposures from the period 2007-2010, the News Corp. phone hacking racket etc.)

Why don't you have a crack at putting the last ten years (or any period of time) into textual form outside of facebook. Use music, painting, dance, sculpture, textiles and other art based activities to add colour to the information.

In mixing my private events with those events deemed as Historical in the broader sense, I hope to take the edge off of history a little bit--a dash of lemon--to balanced the flavor for what one may perceive as ‘historical’ with our own infinite flux of perceptions, at the moment these events are perceived to be taking place.

The questions: where were you, what were you doing and why were you doing it, help introduce ‘subjective context’ into the thinking process encircling the questions of History, and to my mind history seems a multiverse of possibilities with no single pathway through but many interweaving rivers of time spread across its surface. I repeat, I have injected my own value system upon the last ten years so please forgive my ego-centric perception and decadence here and there, keep in touch, love--steve.

(Shortly after writing 'decade' I learned that Mark Zukenburg and facebook will release a ‘facebook timeline' app' that allows for a similar chronological study of historical events. However, to repeat...History also moves in cycles--ricorso--and non-chronological spirals spiral I think.)


Jan 1st:
Over Golden
Gate bridge to S.F early
new yrs day, in deep love

Jan 20th:
Dumb G. W Bush succeeds
Wild Bill Clinton after
Flor. Re-count.

Feb 24th:
Claude Shannon dies:
Information theory creeps
Doctor Wilson shares TSOG.

DJ with Garaj Mahal
at the last day saloon
San Francisco

July 23rd:
G8 Protest Italy
Carlo Giuliani shot
dead by police

Sept 11th:
Surprise Attack? in U.S.A
Sep 12th:
Israel op’ in Jericho
Oct 7th:
Afghan war game

Oct 26th:
U.S Patriot Act
passed by Bush.
I Fly to S.F to DJ.


Jan 29th:
Antarctic Larson ice
shelf crumbles, my
RAW Entview

March 1st.
Invasion of Afghanistan
begins with Op’
Anaconda: a large snake

High Sierra Music Fest.
w/ Garaj and
7/7 No Parking

Burningman Fest
DJ slot, fresh fruit
piss clear leave no
trace, gift culture

Sep 10th:
RAW intview S. Cruz
muffin coffee M. Logic
kind wise teacher Bob

July 21st:
Worldcom file for
Chap. 11

Oct 25th:
Paul Wellstone his
family and most of his staff
killed in plane crash.

Nov 18th:
Hans Blix arrives
in Iraq looking
for weapons of
mass distraction

Nov 25th:
GWB passes The
United states Homeland
Security Act.

at DNA lounge
with Mahavishnu's
Jerry Goodman


Feb 15th:
Mass worldwide protests
against war in Iraq.
shouting ‘what WMD’s?

Release of ‘As if true’
in a collection of
shroom’ tales by Paul

April 14th:
Human Genome Project
complete, over
99% sequenced.

May 1st: GWB sez...
‘mission accomplished’
from Aircraft carrier

New Orleans Jazz Fest'
Mama’s Blues DJ
Crescent city life

Pharmageddon Arkestra
formed in New Orleans
Chris, Quinn, fly and friends

July 23rd:
Maybe Logic Movie premiere
S. Cruz, the last time
I saw Bob.

Sep 4th:
Bullring shopping
centre open’s in
Birmingham UK.

Alan Hertz and Friends
tour West coast

Oct 31st:
Halloween launch
Mondo Garaj album
Avalon Ballroom fly


Feb 4:
Facebook founded
Feb 12th:
Mardi Gras New Orleans.
March 25th:
Tony Blair meets Col. Gaddafi

Ideogrammic Method and
Illuminatus classes
with RAW

June 16th:
911 commission report
release on

July 1st:
Cassini-huygens craft
meets Saturn
Vatican joins the
U.N. ship.

July 28th:
Rocks off Cruise
NYC, my poem skirts Hudson
from pier 23

Aug 29th:
RNC, GWB and Dick

I carry a coffin up sixth
av', Illuminatus!
in hand.

Dec 21st:
Maybelogic Quarterly
Issue 1 Winter Solstice

Dec 25th:
Record ‘Bicycling in Bombay
for Garaj Mahal's
Blueberry Cave

Dec 26th:
The Indonesian earthquake
2004 claims
230’000 victims.


Jan 14th:
Huygens robot
lands on Titan one of
Saturn's moon,
near Xanadu

Jan 20th:
GWB inaugarated
for second term.
Garaj Mahal tour.

July 2nd:
High Sierra Music Festival
ft. Garaj
& No-Parking

July 6th:
Olympic Games Handed
to London in IOC

July 7th:
London attacks
and security analysis

Aug 29th:
1900 killed
Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans flood

Oct 8th:
Kashmir earthquake
kills over 80’000

Oct 30th:
Chet Helms tribute
concert Golden Gate

Dec. 23rd:
MaybeLogic UK Premier
at Birch Tree Pub

Dec 31st:
Brierley Hill Baths
protest, steel fence, police
pulled the plug, no news story


Week trip to Amsterdam
start collected writings
World Piss.

Audio Remixing: RAW
meets Garaj Mahal
Bar work at Windmill Pub
in lye town.

MLA meet in Milton
Keynes, Mushrooms
Temples, swimming and
good friends

Howordz Way
poem for MQ

I discovered
‘Stourbridge’ in Cantos
LXVI by Ezra Pound

Sep 11th:
Stourbridge busking
to raise money for Pope
Bob and his medical

Pulled Shop' trolley
from River Stour
Captured by S’bridge news

Dec 6th:
Refused entry to USA
at Atlanta airport

Dec 24th:
Dressed as Santa
‘Shroom ‘Claus
I roamed the streets of


Robert Anton Wilson
passes on
12th and Alice Coltrane
joins him

February 17th:
RAW tribute
Stourbridge Skate Park
shut down

March 18th:
Coldcut RAW tribute
Alan Moore, Ken Campbell
VJ DJ dream wake

March 21st:
‘Jam in The Dam’ festival.
I arrive and setlle
in Amsterdam
Dish washing

MLA in Belgium and Ams’
Lasagna catapult in
Dutch Lake

Life in Amsterdam
audio remixing
and writing:

Meet John Sinclair,
Be-bop Jazz, blues and
New Orleans
tales shared


Western Esoterica
vinyl sigil, step-sign
word turntable

July 23rd:
MLA in Paris:
The great Gherkin
experiment special

Oct 3rd:
Global Market crash crisis
of imagination strikes

Nov. 1st:
I start my ‘first Novel:
Open Source History:
a tale of the tribe

Dec 24th:
arrested for Graffiti
on bank “in banks we trust”
DNA cells


Jan. 4th:
John Sinclair, Vicente Pino
Fly record: Amsterdam
blues scholars

Crazy Wisdom of PKD
with Erik Davis

after a strange dream I met
Dutch Royal Family outside
the Trope Museum.

July 26th:
Longest solar eclipse
of 21c: 6 min 38 sec.
MLA in Berlin

The Birth of Doctor
Marshmallow Cubicle
siblings: Pino and Pratt

Treaty of Lisbon
becomes law
I Visit Norway
shrooms trees
and teas

14th Aug:
John Sinclair performs
poetry at Bonded Warehouse
Stourbridge UK

High life in Amsterdam Oost
with sweet Janne
John Sinclair and
John Coltrane

Evolver Dream Spore
Save Coseley Baths

Nov 20th:
LHC restarted at CERN


Wikileaks release
Collateral Murder

April 20th:
fly at Café Belgique
420 Deepwater
Horizon Oil Spill

July 23rd:
MLA go to Oxford
James Brown on Organ
ghost tour, inception.
Stour clean up

July 25th:
Wikileaks release
Afghan war diaries

Sun Ra: Essays and
Interviews released.
Started new novel: ‘Sixty’

Album: Let’s Go
Get Em’ Sinclair’s
blues scholars
Art by Frenchy n; Chu

Sep 23rd:
Out of East
Hangai in Park,
Dogon and
Francis Huxley in my book.

Sep 28th:
Email to The Tribe:
Fly's web class:
RAW, Bruno, Vico, Joyce, Pound

Nov. 26th:
John Sinclair and
Amsterdam blues scholars
at the 420 cafe

Nov. 28th:
More Wikileaks
cables push for
no more secrets

John Sinclair and the
Beatnik Youth ensemble
& i record in big smoke

Global Media Village
MLA class
with Bobby Campbell

First full lunar eclipse
on Winter Solstice


Jan 25th:
Arab spring couch
Surfing, blog fatter

March 11th:
Japan Earthquake and
Giant Tsunami
And Fukushima crisis

May 1st:
Marshy Chu Queegsday
Pacific Park Amsterdam

June 12th:
Mirror in the Buurvrouw
Amsterdam lush
aerosol by CHU

July 23rd:
Barcelantis underwater
test video in BCN

Aug 8th:
London Riots
Sod the rich,
phone hack scandel
Marshy album











--Steven James Pratt (fly agaric 23-Acrillic) September-October 2011.