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DECADE 2001-2011

SOUND: Rustling of papers
ACTION: Fly fingering his pile of papyrus

“Hey wikiwriter... excuse me for asking tonight buT, er, you mentioned last week that you were working on your condensed biography, a flyograhy you said. Dude whats up with that, is it uncensored? and I wondered if you had anything else to share with us?” The man said leaning towards fly slowly, like a tre in the breeze, with a distinct twinkle-glare in his eye.

“I’ll read from the beta version I have here in my bag, alright.” I said.

I was born at approx. 3.00 pm.

Weirdsleigh Hospital in Ongland, in the year of the dragonmonkfish. I share my birthday with historical characters such as Leonardo, Bessie Smith, Dodi Al Fayed, Henry James, Samantha Fox, Emma Thompson, Benjamin Zephania, and, Jean Paul Sartre, he died on this day. In 1976 the legendary Bob Marley was wounded in an assasination attempt, the Viking 2 probe entered orbit around mars and the Big Ben clock suffered internal damage and stopped working for a full 9 months approx. I grew a little bigger, the size of a small monkey - in a medium sized, medium classed, average white band with a loving mother, father and sister, an array of cats, close neighbours and some other little critters around the streets.

I attended St. Thomas Pearl primary school at 6 - singing hymns like a angelic daemon - making music from hell on guitar age nine, and tuba aged 10 mixed in with some early mathematical long division aged eight and even some early acting experience as an electric sheep in the early nativity play, iplayed a German Army officer in my last role at St. Thomas school before we left for the bigger pool school at 11. I was academic and atheletic, in good shape aged eleven, hardly any distractions, getting full support from everybody around me. I was a grade “A” student and I was already rowing like a waterskeeter, rowing rowing all the time. I moved to the Nails secondary school and community college where I went through puberty, partly, and groped a girl or two, sucked some tits for the first time and smoked tobacco, drank alchohol and started saying words classed by adults around me as bad language. I discovered another layer of fun, rebel acting up and shouting louder - which replaced sports for me in some ways, or maybe extended the school game into the street. A new exploration of my body started about this time, um, and my local environment and my inner psychological states began to morph and change - as the 1990's fell over the 80's.

Nails school

I had top fun, the best days, yes, they are for sure, plus i endured exams, tests, insults, humiliation and eventually became a prefect, a school cop, but i felt like i never fit the prefect mould really and lost the job after approx. 6 months later. I wanted to join the NOVA mob, i later discovered. My mid school careers meeting left me with two choices - either join the Navy or join the Police force - according to my interests and abilities shared. These were the careers i was encouraged to pursue and choices which effected, somewhat, the rest of my school studies from 90-92.

I made some mysterious choices, instead of Art and Music as options - I was encouraged to take Geography and Drama studies which were made fun, but delayed my interest in arts, music and creative writing which came much later on, independently ( indi-pen-dently) after i dropped out of the education racket ball court and started my own kitty litter box of studies, now presented as a collaboratve novel. Soon come.

School banned

During some dinner breaks around 1991 I started jammin' in the shabby music room on the busted up drums and cracked cymbals lying around and about, and jammed with some other crazy young mofo’s for kicks and giggles, we played horrible versions of “should I stay or should I go” By the Clash, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana. We formed a band concept around 1991. We called ourselves: "Surgery", "Blackfoot and the Bloody", and finally morphing into the band "Indigo Jane" - at the moment i left Nails school. And so with this thrust towards music and with competitive rowing taking a back seat i went onwards after school to play some legendary shows during the Grebbo Breakbeat Era of 1992-3. These band and music memories are delightful, and the most honestly intended and RAW performances i recall in the school environment. The good old school band - the first and best in many respects - wild and fresh, but, we never did find much support at Nails for the band, nor with other artistic projects and ideas truly our own, we had to build ourselves up and our band up, and build out, out into the greater community and forget about the squares at school, the authorities were not around to help us with the new ART.

They seemed to be concerned with getting us employment. They acted as a hinderence most often. The discussion and questions about ART and Employment fascinate me today, Andy Warhol say's a lot with his gestures. Political Ministers with their's. Language vs. The Equation? I first heard NWA, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, DJ Sasha, Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Wonderstuff, Pop Will Eat Itself, Led Zeppelin, Simon and Garfunkle, Hijack, Deep Purple, DJ Top Buzz, Metallica, Nirvana, Pantera, Slayer, Miles Davis and a lot of crap pop music during the Nails years; mixing it up with other kids who had other - different - music taste and other musical ideas, and sourcing out the early cats who could play and those that dug the underground music, and culture i suppose, but i was by no means Hip just because i was seeking these differences. My assimilation with the hip culture was mostly cosmetic. But i sourced whatever i found was most different. My friends and i spent our most positive and brightly memorable childhood together, sharing experiences and discoveries during the first summers of joyous middle-hoody childsplay. Individual experience and innocent - firsts - and new discoveries: kissing french style, laughing free and loud as birds, running wild and in a frenzy, playing silly, and then a transition to playing drunk, and then one day actually drinking the Beer brew itself - at the end of the tale, now i knew, or thought i knew how to get higher than the swings could take me, i was a mini booze-box monkey with infants prattle and cosmetic beatitude.

Early poetry

Some of my earliest poems such as “Nuke Em’” were to mean't to accompany wild drum solos, these were simple honest wacked out experiments, echoing the school band and its acrid and diabolical folk-punk rot. Yes, how we like it. Rotten to the core. My friends and i also created early Rap group, putting on terrible Jamaican accents to surpirisng effect the crewe included both pimps and hustling bitches and came across like Vanilla Ice meets Salt and spice girls at a Grange Hill disco - looks interesting and leaves a very strange after taste, like battery acid or a moment contemplating Jaqui Smith licking Amy Winehouse around the upper thigh region.

My friends and I drank Eldridge cider, ate chips and many roast pork sangas’, we spoke a little differently, a lot louder and more brash - like fireworks - and loved to joke and take the piss without end. Taking it - whatever we shared - way too far, off into absurd and slightly Monty Python inspired moments total ecstatic connection, crazy shit shooting with friends and those in our immediate surrounding, with no fear, but fun at heart, fun and play, word play with laughter and more laughter, hopefully, pushing the forward energy and high of crude jokes. I was still rowing for the county and Ugly borough during this period but became less interested during 92 and 93 when i slowly drifted off into the “band, bitches and beer” era (BBB). 1993 was a new year of awakening and a new layer of social connectivity opened up for me, for me and my egoworld, spreading my spotty wings out into a new electronic atmosphere. What the hell was going on?

Drunken Silly

1993 was a breakthrough year in many ways - I tripped and danced and potter-stewarted and laughed more than ever before, life was new again, my body and mind felt infinite, clear, sharp. I felt we were the new kids on the threshold - dwellers on the cusp of imagination, the future was ours. Aged sixteen in 1992 and moving into the tricky seventeen sphere, i remained a full blown screenager - high on white middle class comforts, TV, Pop music and exceptionally “High” states of mind.

Who was i becoming, i didn't really care. Receiving the new culture from all quarters, I was soon consuming terribly unhealthy foods and a justified consumer. My own immediate family and friends, my girlfriends, and hero's were who mattered, the others i knew very little about and so did not figure much in my world view. I was 17 years young, setting up my new operating system into a prototype version 0.


I was at Glassbudge Uni for 3 years from 1993-1996 due to my relatively poor scores in the Nails school examinations of 92 and so missing the chance to attend the great Kung Words college or St. John’s Hospital college. Hence ma' bed grama and spilling. Yet, i was happy studying sport, or the closest thing to it called - sport and leisure studies (a SHI TEC national diploma) - I figured rather foolishly that if i was a champion rower i should use that skill to gain employment. I wanted to row for the rest of my life and maybe get paid as an instructor.

From 93-94 I also worked as a lifegruad at the famous Glassbudge Leisure and Business centre, ironically standing on the old site of the old Glassbridge baths; built in approx. 1901. The demolishion of which I protested at the Ugly City Hall 10 years earlier aged just 8. (1984). I held a sign that read "Banish Butcher Barnes". Cool. But, after slicing potatoes for the goons at the Marry Hell Americana center and getting sacked by a snitch at Jerry Cowman's Butchers in Glassbudge; the Lifegruad paycheck was perfect - plus the free facilities at the new center made life seem sweet as a nut in a wrench. I was dancing to techno-drum and bass in Bearinghumpton by night and then would swiftly head back to work at around 7 A.M. and jump into the Jacuzzi - still hearing the Dolphy Juice in my Sarahbellum.

Trippin Liberty Caps

Although I was still playing drums, I feel that i was bashing away without much feel, tenderness, dynamic or resolve. With a white boy lemon juice smile i remained, dazed and confused for so long its not true. I had various girlfriends and some party flings, midget hand jobs, squeeze and leave ordeals, drunk-hump incidents and many orchestral gropings in the dark. I journeyed with friends on a few Fliegepilz trips around the local area too that were the most fun trips i can remember. One of which is published in the book "Magic Mushrooms". edited by Paul Krassner (2003). Around 1994 in Glassbudge - yoga was widely routed about the streets and the creative sparks were warming up inside me, jumping up from the rivers of street yoga and into my limbs and head, but not reaching a sufficient vibrational frequency for good honest feedback yet, not yet, just thrusted out into deep space - a sense of awe and wow, no language to bring back these goodies.

After a great Glassbudge elevated college trip to Spain i found myself with another new group of college friends (1994-1996) and some new and old - non-college friends - around about which time i bought my first pair of turntables (1994). During 1995-96 I began playing gigs as DJ steve steve, playing a combination, a mix, of modern troll hop country beats, the new pistol sound, and such grooves that were in my bag. During 96′ I played out fresh tunes in and around Burninghum City Center at a handful of small gigs throughout 96 97, and by 1998 my love for jazz and strange shit was overpowering within my DJ sets - Flan O’Brien - got into my headspace and so, into the music, and it was around this time, I believe I picked up my first Illuminati book.

DJ Fly

By 1996 I had stopped rowing competitively and was working part time at dirty Zydeco and salted Bar-rock and Roll club and part time as a - rowing instructor. Some other music gigs on the side, now and then, but without pay, all for the love of yeah baby. I fell into Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and other psychedelic shit on some evenings with my trip-pal; Merlin. Some nghts i was grooving away like a fraggle to Live’ bar-rock and roll ups with the added occasional pearl amidst the usual cover-band slush and stunted pop - an undercover band. I was playing for up to 8 small DJ sound crews by around 1998, and felt established as DJ Steve steve. Often drumming during thunder storms i started mixing my pre-recorded drums with turntable activivity on a reel-to-reel magnetic-tape recorder borrowed from a friends pops' and an early mini-disc recorder - combined with years of bedroom experimentation, mixing Timothy Leary and Eldridge Cleaver disks together in my bedroom, messages from the future. I have the mini-discs as evidence and proof that i know what i am doing.

These sounds however were not the party funk tunes, they were the naughty drunk loops, and early speech cut-up experiments using vinyl records and needle dropping rather than scissors and a hat. Life was good in Gassbuge 1996-99, new youth cultures came together, it seemed to me new memes had found one another as in a kind of magnetic fairy Legend force - artists, musicians, poets, and freaks from all walks were meeting up and hanging out, exploring inner and outer space together, and something similar seemed to be happening everywhere around the world, internet was dawning and spawning rapid communication between global cultures and counter-cultures. We were different, our tribe, i suspect, or at least we felt we were different. And played with the belief system. We built a new scene with our system of values and quality critters. It felt like a new cultural renaissance in 1999 the force was strong. The nines stacked up and spinning in our favour, millions of kids exploring the electronic frontier.

Hijack of culture & Big Lies

Maybe every culture thinks this of their particular youth experience - but in retrospect after 2001 my local environment sank back into the arms of the POP business and POP control robots who may have slept during the late 1990's under the spell of new music or something, or awaiting the BUSH era counterstrike upon the 90's counter-cultre, and also strike. So the new hip culture was hijacked - commodified - and sold back to an even younger generation than our own, under our very noses, under this very moonlight, in front of our useless eyes, in broad daylight; it felt like everything that we had made got taken away from us, our music, our language and our discoteque. Not to mention the water, gas and means to production, telecommunications and medicinal rights.

Our culture became demonized, attacked by the newspuss, from all quarters our minds hijacked and sold out and turned off by neophobes. Artists were left out in the cold by the Ugly councils and the Ugly war debts, nuke budget and the encouragement of a killingry indu$try rather than a LIVINGRY industry - in some sense, what we created was erased from History, or a history, by the Bush Blair agenda, the wars, the mob rule and slaughter, not forgetting the PUB Sell out, the Smoking Ban sell out, the CCTV sell out, and the drug pharma sell out, this all affected our little DJ crew and our lives and work. Looking back ten years in retrospect, i see this as a socio-economic attack waged by law and business to outsource RAVE culture and turn the electronic revolution as defined by William S. Burroughs into another mindcontrol tool, a commodity to be edited, defined and distributed by the major corporate entities.

What Millenium Point?

Macdonalds, Burger King, CIA and Disney - just fine. Graffiti art, RAVE culture and free party scene - all daemonized and outlawed by law and business plans, a sick conspiracy to monopolize the culture market. Control and track the counter-culture. The criminal justice bill was also a great marketing ploy for launching the POP rave commodity, effectively illegalizing the competition. That's one way of looking at this Millenium period, I don’t mean to make it sound like i was not having fun, sure; mega-fun time was consumed, for me personally i was also Millenium Hijacking with the rest of the devils’ but playing an altogether different game to the state socialist agenda and what they defined the future as looking like.

I was still buying into the big lie, buying the devils products, eating the food, watching the programing, listening to some of the programing, but amidst this hostile take-over i found small routes out of the mess, a tiny but growing array of writers came to my attension and those who seemed to have escaped the human condition through art, futurists and anarchist philosophers, classic counter-culture icons; here were a group of people from history i could resonate with, questioning everything especially authority and also singing a kind of blues about what happened to them, the culture wars, poems, paintings, hero's and legends that they experienced all around the world, throughout modern history in fact, and those few who have carefull transmitted, through art what happened to the tribe.

DJ Mix tapes and tracks

It was around this time, between 96-99 that I started crafting new and more imaginative DJ mix tapes, some paid deeper attention to the track titles for poetic/symbolic effects and also mixed some of my own primitive - musical beat productions - into the brew using my trustworthy mini-disc player/recorder. Layering turntable tracks on top of each other like varnish.

I would often hang out my bedroom window during thunderstorms and accompany the storm with a small hand drum Using Z'ev's system of Rhythemajik. Outward bound recordings became of great interest to me and the recording i made at 9 minutes past nine on the ninth day of the ninth month of the year, nineteen ninety nine, is a good example.

Early Twenties

I found myself in the abyss of my early 20’s wondering about the New World Order. My world order, on a personal level, I felt confronted with events and news that only made sense to me, even back then, through a darker lens, a kind of playful suspicion of adults that were for the most part - left over from growing up in Thatcher’s conservative /Labour backward Writown - that spawned themselves into a love for counterculture icons, the beats, the punks and the rebels. The electronic beats were like a calling, a platform for this stuff.

The book called “Secret Chamber” by Robert Buval crystallized the events of 1999 for me and made the utopian scenarios of RAW and Terence Mckenna and Tim Leary--emerge all the more important and relative to the cyclical times we were spinning through. The Christian Gregorian Millennium sealed my fate in many ways, I was 23 years old and full of hope and happiness, SCIENCE AND MYSTICISM together due to the flourishing art and local music scene where i grew up in Stourbridge in the 1990's. Combined with the emerging internet culture bubbling below the surface of UK electronic music culture and the global networking for peace movements, Seattle and The G8 summit and various raves and new culture events in Birmingham..

Noh Word Order

'Secret Chamber' by Buval gave the impression of a half-baked Illuminatea book in retrospect, as now seems common practice within the majority of new published works in the dry genre of 'Ancient civilizations and consciousness expansion' the jokes get. Still, Secret Chimney proposed that George Bushshit Snr. Tony Bliar, and a host of the worst kind of fundamentalist evil Illuminartea shit stirrers were planning to have a big Illuminartea - scum and crossbones dance at Giza, Egypt! With the symbolic Capping of the Pyramid the New World Order, according to Brewall had moved into a new phase.

I now ask was this a big metaphor for the 8 years of world terror deployed by the Bushit/Bliar axis, or the 8 year presidency of Bushit and the Old Guard CIA itself. No frills required. The question about 'If' the Nine Gods of Egypt - or whatever - did or did not return into the whitehouse seems pale now, compared with the wars, world economic crisis and criminal Bushit networks placed around the globe. I ask, how could an alien threat or extraterrestrial invasion be any more dangerous or threatening than the world governments and their militaristic maddness? And so yeah all the chimps were out beating their war drums to show off some millennium might.

Sonny Days are here again?

In some sense the Millennium of 1999-2000 came and went without many visible - great - changes. The aliens didn’t show up, but the age of human genomics came, Skull and Bones and Freemasons didn't steel control of the worlds financial markets, but instead ordered more Hollywood movies to perpetuate the MYTH. But, and, the intelligence agencies did not start blowing shit out of everything and anybody again with theire trademark - false flag - terrorism. Fucking screw balls they are. I should have been reading sonny more closely all along, each time i go back to his works they grab me, again and again. Hundreds of thousands of books and texts and articles and letters and poems warning all-around-the-world-humanity of religiously guided political terrorism, spearheaded by fascist psychology of most authority figures - T.H.E.M chop and change history in a devilish and genuinely scary way.

It was Sonny who really spun me his gargatuous optimism - always thinking outside the boxes - like the game was always afoot, always ON, like the WEB Slogan! SONNY was living in a world where everything and everybody were connected, and turned ON! After the rather dull Illuminartea part in Egypt, and no alien craft landing in January and February 2000 A.D I was in the smugsheath library one day, just surfing the web, surfing at ( when I noticed he was to speak on the day of my 24th Birthday at an event called the Great History Conference, held in the beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, 14-16 April. I was probably still so high after the Millennium party syndrome that struck smugsheath like a new skunk strain, full of an unusual confidence and creative outpourings - spreading throughout the world in 2000 AD among street artists, writers, musicians, thugs and information technology geeks. United.

The Prophets Con. and Sonny Bob

I decided to join in the revolution, i sold my turntables and with some help bought an air ticket to see sonny in paradise, and go check out the facts for myself, there was nothing else for it. The world so obviously needed Sonny, i thought, and i would go seek him out and make a story of my trip, encourage others to GO! I was convinced that Sonny could bring the revolutionary knowledge and great wisdom back into our culture, just one man and his books and articles - a defender and healer of humanity - keeping the evil Illuminartea at bay from total reality monopoly by producing minority report after minority report. Gorilla Ontology gone wildly wild. I was aiming to find our lo hero and bring a little piece of him home with me, in my head at least - to help Inkland really FUCK the Millenium - as the KLF put it.

The initial idea was to see SONNY and hear him speak, and make a pirate recording - to then be deployed later within some kind of audio vehicle to wake up the kids. Little was I to know that SONNY had to do many lecture tours and performances to pay his rent, the recent passing of his wife Arlan combined with still unpaid, overdue royalty monies from books and articles he written under contract and had published mean’t he was pretty skint. Those bastards. I mean, Who knew? At that time Sonny could have been living in a Castle high in the Santa Cruz mountains with a heliport and several saunas and some land in Texas with several ostrich farms. I suspected the outer head of the reformed Illuminati would at least have some financial wealth.

Now Yolk

I touched down in Now Yowlk April 10th and made my way to Santa Fe on Greyhound buse's - writing a journal all the way which I intended on giving to SONNY, but as I was to discover to my horror SONNY was ill and couldn’t make it to Santa Fe, I was stumped, but and left my package for Sonny with the great History folks and it must still be with them today.

At the Con' i received a round of applause due to having travelled the most miles to be there, and met some very interesting and like minded people, so, I decided off-the-cuff to take a blind trip up to San Francisco, since I had been invited to stay with some scientists I met at the Con' who worked with one of the other presenters. After only one week of living in Sun Funfiasco I was to meet Dr. John Lady, Dr. Susie Paula Lockwood, Dr. Jacky Key, Denise Mckinna, Erica David, Mary Peski, R.U Sandyhurst and a host of other Buoy Area symbiots.


Mid may, 2000 AD. We have some of the mechanisms and models and metaphors RAW included in his Novels, especially the physics consciousness research institute inspired material RAW uses and reinterprets. The speakers at the conferences i went to and worked at during my first short 3 month stay in the buoy area, produced only a few fellow warriors that stand out from the douche bags as being of particular interest, to me, all of RAW’s speeches presentations, writings have humor that was sorely missing from the other great minds, i think, Bryce Stingling came close to the mark with his improvised piece upon the Los Alamos fires of April 2000AD.

I met a handful of strange characters from RAW’s books in a blaze of synchronicity, but not RAW himself as he was recovering from a spate of bad turns related to his Post-polio condition and was now mostly confined to a wheel chair, still I eventually met with him in Palm Springs, 6 months later at another Conference amidst yet another star studded cast of Illuminartea perfumes and furniture polishers, but none would equal RAW's wit and perspective. It was also at this time at the galaxy-helpers conference held in the Presidio Sun Funfiasco that I met Guy Bearheart who invited me into a new band that was being formed called Mirage The Hall, I went on to play with many stars and musical legends with this band through the early part of the 21st century across the US. The band, its members and all the savant geared characters I met became a huge influence on some of my first serious writing projects, which emerged around 2003/04.

The rhythm and the fact that I was experiencing things so exotic and far away from my home reality in smugsheath forced me to communicate these things through word, plus the fact that I couldn’t escape the realms of RAW without learning to write and communicate in a comfortable fashion first. Oh, I forgot to mention that I played the turntables as my instrument with Mirage The Hall. I was billed as MPHDJ.

The Superstring 'secret chamber' orchestra featuring DJ Plush

While back in the UK after my first visit to the USA in April 2000, I helped, just a little, towards an art show with CHU., pressed up some 10” records of my collaboration with Surinder Sandhu recorded in December 1999, and tried unsuccessfully to introduce video’s and audio of RAW and his cohorts which I had picked up while on my travels and thought my stimulate some of my friends in the UK.

I recorded some new musical tracks and also compiled a huge folder of historical records from the previous 2 years, roughly since the 9/9/99 and the August 11th Eclipse in 99, which occured at 11 minutes past 11 A.M. One cold afternoon in smugheath library I opened my email to discover Casey of the Great History conferences was inviting me to the next event, to be held in Palm Springs between the 16-19 December, and furthermore, if not enough to blow any 24 year olds mind, partly due to my long journey previously to see RAW. I was asked if i wanted to be his helper, as he would need some assistance in his wheelchair around the Con.

Meeting Sonny Bob

I replied instantly, HELL YEAH! And took the chance of a lifetime, my only chance of my lifetime - and flew out of London in December 2000 A.D to Chicago flight AA23, then onto Palm Springs to meet and assist RAW. I witnessed the historic BUSHIT coup operation recount results on T.V the day before Sonny landed. The next day i was listening to RAW’s presentation entitled “The Universe contains a maybe”. After having the pleasure to meet with Paul Krassner, Dick Metzholmes and other counter-cultural icons who's names i forget. After 2 days of being with Sonny, and getting sacked from my job assisting him due to not getting him to his show on time, leaving hundreds of angry witches and warlocks in a very plane room. After the show Sonny invited me to his room and allowed me to record a little of our conversation together.

I offered RAW some magic mushrooms I had bought from Wychbury Hill, which he politely passed on. Who can blame him, considering his huge case of medicine that he carried with him. The next day I headed back to S.F to the land of parties, love, awakening and bliss. I performed as a DJ, attended more conferences and yet another RAW lecture, this time at the learning Annaplex. I fell in love with a Princess and found a job at small record label and record manufacturing plant in Fiasco. Here I lived for a while and tasted the Dot market crash boom aftermath. I dosed on DSL and TMD while entering into 2001. The future was NOW. In our hands. The world was made new, Bushit was in power, but the world had not yet felt this. I received email from RAW in response to some questions I posed to him after his learning Annaplex performance - at which my girlfriend, at the time, was also present and briefly met with RAW, to my delight. I worked and made love and music and some pretty bad poetry in Sun Funfiasco throughout the beautiful spring of 2001, under the new Illuminartea regime of bandits it all seemed so nice and cushty out in Caliphobia, miles away from brain-Washington and the Bushit- bandits, safe, i thought.

Planet Bezerker Workers

Many were wondering where the internet revolution was taking humanity, what trajectory, what pathways - the stars and beyondananda, out - into the glnt within everyone's eyes. The thriving new movement for global justice and meaningful equality, the re-greening and new environmental responsibility coupled with individual response-ability blossomed across the US, Burningham Kulture and many nomadic tribal cultures of North Amorica and from around the world were congressing over me that spring. One of the most talented bands in the world had me as a part time DJ member.

I settled down with a beautiful princess and had a wicked job working at a record label within the independent electronic music industry of San Francisco, life was good and getting better all the time, I was keeping communications with a few people back home but the translation of all these new experiences was most difficult, only certain kinds of music spoke to my closest circles of friends, the jazz and the scientific philosophy was not the kind of stuff that many wanted to hear about, and yet, I felt back then, as I do now 12 years later that these lectures and the music and the people I was schmoozing with hold the keys to locked portals, at least for the new European United Snakes integration age, and then out into the greater global village, in the sense of a new cooperative, culture and good learning industry - to preserve individual liberties of all human beings - and, the biosphere and its rich array of biological species, to begin healing the world, healing some of the wounds from the last 2000 years of squabbles.

California History from which I'm trying to awake

After having my passport stolen from my jacket pocket as I performed at the Justice League club in S.F I had to return to the UK, and back to smugheath once more. This time around I was even more optimistic of the new electronic revolution age, and full of new ideas for collaborative projects, grant proposals, publications, albums, gigs and a new knowledge economy, spearheaded by myself and all my new Amorican friends, including RAW, but including a long list of cutting edge 21st century thinkers, philosophers, writers, poets, jazz musicians and scientists. 3 full years before the Fuzzylogic Institute launched RAW and his KNU SCHOOL: THE MAYBELOGIC ACADEMY

All this work in 2001 led to not one gig, record release, or even one interested phone call from the local media about what I had been working on, what was i doing in Amorica? all the better in hindsight considering the lies and bullshit they all swallowed and have always swallowed till this day from United Snakes West and East. Still, I wanted to share what I had to communicate which were VHS video’s of the John Lady conference, some mini-disc recordings of the Henry Miller Library Experimental Jazz festival, a Drum ceremony in Bohemian Grove, Dennis McKenna speaking of Triptomine, Clarence his brother, Tim Leary, RAW, Fineman, PLW and other new school revolutionary scholars, plus some audio tapes I had managed to salvage from my work for Tastespacemixing.

Inside Job

All this and more, sat in front of me, gathering a small layer of dust. Hundreds of business cards, documents and flyers from a whole host of 21st century Amorican consciousness research Illuminatui and some new music recordings from a killer jazz band from the futurepast-perfect tense. I sat brooding in my bedroom, then one morning, as I was desperately looking for something erotic on British daytime Television to masturbate over--I saw the images of a burning Tower--“Mom, come and look at this, turn on the TV, it’s an inside job. This is it” i said. And so that day unfolded and the dark cloud of the war on terrorism soon reached Britain, everywhere seemed embroiled in a new world war, although i didn't know or suspect the extent to which the new war on terror would influence humanity, and me personally, i still suspected much more than those immediately around me.

In a matter of days, after the initial shocking thoughts and emotions had somewhat wore off, a tidal wave of bullshit and CIA engineered disinformation floated over to Ritown, and Boney Bliar and his pro CIA intelligence devils began to whistle the same tune, in step with a new world order, in step in fact with most major Nations of the NATO world, arms, oil and banking clubs. George W. Bush suddenly stepped into everyone’s living rooms with a drunken swagger and gun ho dick swinging dumbness. The worlds heart and mind sank deeper and deeper as the depressive antagonistic dick heads of state pumped up the big lies. TERRORISM was bigger than AIDS, we were encouraged to beleive - as a new global crisis in a matter of just days, and, not until the election of Barack Obama has the United Snakes seen anything but a terrifying bumpy ride, hijacked by Oil men and Arms dealers and the Banking Snakes, the rich robber barrons and their Whoreyard Yale spook lawyer friends. And Obama then turned out to be a decoy too! The shit really hit the fan and I realized pretty fast that I might never go back to the United Snakes again, unless I went sooner rather than later. I decided that going back to Mordor after the new Pearl Harbor was going to be my next journey and once again, go and find out for myself what the hell was going on.

Back to the snakes and ladderlands

In October 2001 I flew straight back into S.F and stayed in the Snakes for a long 4 years, past the second BUSHIT election heist in 04 i was there illegally, beneath the radar like an illegal immigrant, right through until October 31st 2005. I was 25 years old when i went and 29 when i returned, exactly upon Ira Pods birthday, Halloween - and the Publishing date of Ulysses, in 1922. I witnessed, and protested actively on the street over 20 times concerning Amorica going to war with Afghanistan and invading Iraq. I was there and saw this from the inside of Amorica, this was by no means the real focus of my visit but now in retrospect, I think that maybe the illegal wars and the war on terror and the wars on culture and the wars on some drugs--perpetuated funded and for the most part dreamed up by a very small group of men--greatly influenced world culture, in a damaging and sickening way, which we cannot fully comprehend or put into words. NOW, now, ladies and gentlemen we must begin where we left off in 1999. Heal, dazzle, think and communicate cooperatively.

I was without a valid passporto after the date Feb 2002, and my visiters visa had expired too, but, I was on RAW’s personal email list and was literally having the time of my life in S.F, eating well, getting high and sleeping in a record storage cupboard. Although a terribly dark cloud hung over the country after the attacks the same strong and beautiful culture that was mobilizing for international peace and justice - non prohibition of some drugs, simple health care and freedom to have wild parties in the wilderness - these same folks were now organizing against the new National Security devils and those conservative nuts who were clamping down on everything the public could do. Monitoring, checking, profiling, and selling. I was in the thick of the S.F anti Afghanistan and Iraq war protests of 2001/2/3/5. And, although we built great bonds and then wrecked our hearts and brains, loving for peace and striving to stop this hijacked country going to war, again, for Illuminarti gains. So blatantly, In broad daylight, in front of everybody - the Bushit Bliar Oil gangsters were helping their death-squads or - teams - distract the worldwide millennium optimism and joy with some terror and much faith based sado-masochism.


In front of everyone the Bushits and company lead a global disinformation operation, after a stolen election, and they blew up their own centers of finance and political power to start wars in foreign countries, having many business interests in the oil, arms and banking business for the destruction/re-construction of poor, mostly defenceless nations. And without giving a damn about the costs and the borrowed money, the public ignored, over-rided by executive and divine rights of kings. And in the UK the same story, the same criminal gangs and political assassins, the same lies and disinformation in a different accent, all published and passed along sweet-as-a-nut by the mindless corporate lawyer run media mill/slaughterhouse.

And so the war game business got under-way, and many were left feeling hopeless and ignored. But from this built a new tuffer resistence, that today has reformed, jumping from Seattle 99 to Earth 09. After 10’s of millions of people in the US and Millions in the UK wrote countless letters, physically participated in protests, funded campaign groups, demonstrated in the street again, and could show what was happening on they're own computers in about 20 minutes - to show that there really were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it was a LIE! and no great link between Iraq and the events of 911, another LIE! but both the UK and the US turned their back on their people and their culture and went ahead with the invasion, Wasting trillions of Dollars and Pounds on military industrial contractors, armaments manufacturers, guns, germs and steel. Money they could have used in 2009 after the shit fell out the bottom of the world's economy.

Mad-bush and Englishmen

The GOV. ignored us, and even their own best advisors, but we kept protesting in the streets hopeing someone would hear us and do something, change the direction Amorica and Grime Ritown was heading. The impeachment of BUSHIT: the illegal president - had now become an emergency for plane earth, a dire situation was emerging, a historical Illuminartuskk horror scene had invaded the worlds reality, and I was in the US, in the belly of the beast, in the thick of it. Praying with herbs and turntables and internet, visiting RAW, trying to reach back to Europe with my new findings and research. I felt ready to mud wrestle with the monsters. No fear. No turning back. To 2012 - i thought.

As I was saying earlier, I knew that we have the means to feed, clothe and shelter the worlds population for less that 10 Billion dollars, so then what’s the big fucking hold up I wonder, eh? And the possibilities for Space migration, life extension, art-healing and poetry-healing and music-healing revolutions, and play and interaction and freedom restored. Re-greening of our cooperative, world-culture and bio-organic farming revolution and permaculture breakthrough as a species. But from a time where green goes purple electric for a moment. In 2002, although the US had already started channeling masses of money into the spook ridden private security and insurances markets emerging, and although continuing they're multi billion dollar black weapons programs - funded by gold stolen from the second world war - Amorica had still not committed to Iraq for a second time. Everybody on the street new it was a fake and phoney lie, every descent regular person I met in the Bouy area, and in Now Yowlk, felt it was a set -up and that Rumsfeltch, Bushite, Chennevil and Lice and Ridgebut and Guliannevil were a tiny minority of the people in Amorica who thought it was a good idea to go into Iraq, and into UK.

Church State double crossed.

Anybody not going to Church everyday or at some police, council or banking law firm authority center knew it was a fake, a set up, a double cross on behalf of the US/UK led illegal invasion for faith-based business expansion programs. From a personal point of view I was eating noodles, scrimping for change, paying for computer time at coffeshops, wearing only second had clothes, practising and playing music, making art and writing for free, spending my time thinking about the problems of the world and how I might help to solve some of them, with my team, my new team. The illegal actions by Dumbo Bushite and his criminal gang and their government supporters worldwide gave me more confidence to stay in the US without a proper Visa or proper papers - why should I do as I’m told when they go on like that, all over the world, fuck them--Same in the UK--I have no respect for an authority that supports fear, lies and hypocrisy, and fails the people it swears to serve.

Why OBEY a liar that invests money and wealth interests in killingry, war-technology and religious faith-based initiatives, working in synchrony to uphold double standards and false icons. I honour and love and respect the people I met all over Amorica - from California to New Orleans, Up to Now Yowlk onto Boston and across to Chicago, into St. Louis, and beyond i found, surprisingly people alike the folks I grew up with, but living in their different situations with their different accents - maybe on the hustle, looking to get high or find a girl to take home, but, all these people, even the worst type of drunks and tramps were not the kind of brainwashed type of authority figures dragging the world into decline, only on T.V do these devils appear. Behold the memory of the G8 Protests in Birmlin 1998, Seaturtle 99, Marijuana March Ongdon 2000. Coming back into focus.

Loch Ness, Santa Cruz

September 10th 2001 I went to RAW’s house in Capitola, a truly unforgettable day, burnt into my memory like the first day i smoked pot. Like a true gentleman RAW just let me into his home and set up recording gear, settle down and record an audio interview with him. I spent over 3 hours with RAW and learn’t more in that time than 10 years of my life at school, and i am still learning from this exchange of words and ideas. RAW treated me well and showed courtesy, i remember when I left he said “no goodbyes”, Which I liked, but in the moment stumped me, i walked out and never looked back. The transcription of our conversation is available on Internet if you type in Heretickle Head-peeping shamanticist. I also have a more recent transcription of the short rap with RAW during the Palm Springs conference 00. During the Capitola interview I became made aware of Fuzzylogic: The Lives and ideas of RAW, after asking him what he was currently working upon, and he described an independent movie being made by a young local film maker, close by in Santa Cruz.

I contacted him and managed to get involved creatively on the project. This was the beginning of what I now like to call the Mightbereason YEARS. From 2003-2008, the space-time window in which a dedicated community from around the globe kept alive and beating the countercultural sensibilities and research through the BUSHware Brown/Bliar nightmaze at the Maybelogic Campus. From a cult movie to a DVD and on to a website community, Fuzzy logic was more or less at the heart of my studies during this period of time, I felt myself get drawn into the fine intricacies of the worlds of RAW, and some of his favourite things, leading me ultimately to the Tale of the Tribe, an Illuminati studies class that RAW delivered via. The internet in Sep-October 2005 while I was still in the USA and living in San Rafael California, shortly before I left. 1 year and 3 months before RAW passed out, for a while.

--Steven James Pratt (Fly Agaric 23)
Amsterdam. 2008.

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