A tale of the tribe inverse


(James Joyce/Ezra Pound Splice)


Berryin ham...and humani taste tongue
Tales of geoglyphicali' hoisted dinnerste' games.
Oil and sport mixed.

Down to the compton stylus ship, set needle to breakers,
Past pretence future weave of atoms and blue wiffs,
Frothabroath on the godly sea dream saw wave,
Now riverum tumble Odyssey,
Now wave without jealousy, us aboard
Set up mast sail and antenna on that stylus ship.

Turntabius discus of recirculation bops us back
To back to NYC fog, Rapallo rain,
Berlin August 1st' 1936.

A Doctor fr’over the short snot sea arrives again
With billyum canvases rearrived from mouth Amorika,
Heavy with weeping, and winds from starboard
Everyman and everywomen is a stardoor

To fight his pen-isolate war on the Oilamp Trick Gums
Les covered with a close webbed mist
Joined by Pod, Cutler Bates and Marten McLure in Berlin,
Doubling their mumper all the time with glitter of sun-rays,
Bates and Chase brewed by arclight.

The fall from center. Foul you might rise up, you mast!
And the penmen rose’ shadows o’er all the Bruno ocean.
From a swarming disk data memory stick,
Smelliported to the oil-gums and their upturnpikepointandplace.

Poured we libations unto each the dead, of a once wallstrait oldparr is retaled in bed.
And drawing Stylus from my hip I dug the humptyhillhead Altumble Tabletoes.
History clash of wills, many men mauled by the scribes
The oystrygods. Dogon knows?

History HOAX HOAX Fake,
These historical forces and values gathered about me,
Unsheath the narrow stylus, I’m going in...
First came McLure, our friend McLure. What chance cuddleys,
Of going down the long ladder unguarded, to engineer synthetic RNA

What chance cuddleys, what chance?
Holding the golden drumstick I strike my tete in a tub
For to watsch the future of our fates, but ere I swiftly stook it out again.

Altable off
Ira sailed by the Sirens, the trim-coifed goddess path lead...
Outward and away from Eyeduno
Amorica to yourhope: Rapalltown in a blanket of fog,
So a new sun can shine through.

Bearing the golden bough of agaricida so that our hip hop
Cubehouse still rocks as earwitness.

Singing matter, shouting mutter, dancing Platter
Yute and of the old, "Mr. Pod",
You’re going to be fined again!
With the golden crown, Iradite’.

Comeday morm and, O, you’re vine.
To study reading books and history, this poem
to cut and sew the waves lapping Italy.
Flight of the blue spill waves. Sea Lake sky
Lake sea skype
Sky Lake sea
Sea Lake Sky€

And abducted the town with music,
Plainting and poetree.
Hang it All Cutler. No mystery about the Dantales,
They are the tall of the tree.

Hell from the nib-nozzle of Ira and the Nuzzle of Chase.
Yeats compiling the Camelfnord book of dates
Received Ira’s ransom romance.
New packet for Ezra.

Bates and his ship land in mind dockr
Eyes of Dali’ stuck up, water cutting under his keel overdose.
Indestructible mind full of Gyres'.
Chase historical, Pod literary and Bates economic questions.
Triple-city light book, heavy and

The wave runs in the Rap beech grove
The stylus runs in the disk groove –
RNA ink draws atoms and quiffs in the Hawks well at noon.
And poor G blind, blind as a bat
That Invenci the first doodle-cross search engine.
Chase, the Man in the Mackintosh
But hark! - some voice like thunder spake.

Mythalized and idealized twinned. Narrator bind.
Three mysters cling to the rocky
Shoreline from swerve of shore
To blend of day. The West's
Awake, the West's awake, there is a wine-red glow
In the shallows.

Atin flash in the sun dazzle. Ira, Giles and Cutler overthrow
History over board,
wit t' murmu of great old one's voices.
And the clash of our cries
Till we spring to be free.
Wake running off from the bow.
Wr'll watch till death for Erin's sake.

And by the rock pool a young boy
Loggy with vine must was spotted
By musta' Orson;
Raw at Gerritsen aged 4.
Three quarks for Bygmester Shermon: Humanksi,
Wools and Muller muttered, stopping to...read
Some entangled story...
Apollodelphi Theatre
Now Yowlk. Must write something, Muller thought.

The young boy of 4 from Gerritsen beach, Sonny Bob
Our man, he plays McGraff’s younger cousin in McGraff’
"when they brought the young boy i said: he has god in him,
Though i do not know which god.” Carsun said of Sonny

The water-bugs mittens show on the bright rock below him.
Carson saw Sonny wrestle a small octopuss.
Shermon conceives midgital communication
Using the long moon for a churn stick.

When the snow was like sea foam, dream brew foam home
Humanski Carsun and Muller hawk as Sonny Bob telepathically
Transfers fourier transfers to James Shermon
Spinning stuff, a caster of his reasons.

The wave-chords splashing around the theatre hollows of pine trunks,
Bebop McGriff bellowing out Black African magic,
And theatre ritual into history

July 31st, 1936. Ring, Breastplate and Disk in dymaxion tension.
Error Error 33. And Midgital communication was born,
these great tales told by Sherm and Shan in the gritty wave
Which launched the midgital information age, off the page.
Glass-glint of wave in the tide rips against sunlight.

Mr. Atoms saw wave through the bank hoax.
Grey peak of the wave, wave... Woolsrusspower to all-around humanity.
Pull down thy vanity. From grosskopp to megapod,
As from the beginning of wonders, Humanski went in for structure
But consumption is still done by animals.
Holy snakes, chase me charley, Eva's got barley under her fluencies!

Tempus tacendi, tempus loquendi.
And the plot to alert Ira in Berlingham got underway.
To save Socrates
The great scarab is bowed at the altar
The green light gleams in its shell,
Fold the hands, bow the head - and gun sales lead to more gun sales,

Guns, gums, buns.
Dollis and Skully Von cum to have Adolphted such a Adelphus!
O, the singing. 1936 contracts to secure arms and poisons
Undercover: the oilympic troops crawl

Notions of writtishmen and Americans
in Tacitus and in Homer. .
Stevenscum, Dollis, Folly and Skully Von and the Berlingham faith exchange.
Germoney, Inkland, Mitale’ Amorica, where in history will you find it?
ectrochemically shocked poets
Blotch and void. “I am noman, my name is noman.” I
The twelvepodstall inquisitors.

The old moderns resisted Spengleton’s pet project Sadio:
Trading Hallibut-Cola,
Christy crude oilam and a kind of Christmess speedball for summer 36’
Global drug traffick
Let those i love try to forgive what i have made.
Do not move, let the wind speak.
For all their faults. I am pissing out. “yes”
in beautiful synchrony.

Some Tribal Texts:

Marshall McLuhan: Renaissance for a wired world By Gary Genosko.

The medium and the magician: Orson Welles, the radio years, 1934-1952 By Paul Heyer.

The classic Noh theatre of Japan By Ernest Francisco Fenollosa, Ezra Pound

The legacy of Norbert Wiener By Norbert Wiener, David Jerison, Isadore Manuel Singer, Daniel W. Stroock

The virtual Marshall McLuhan By Donald F. Theall

Popular culture in a new age By Marshall William Fishwick

Vico and Joyce By Donald Phillip Verene

Science and sanity: an introduction to non-Aristotelian systems and general semantics By Alfred Korzybski

The Ezra Pound encyclopedia By Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos, Stephen Adams

Giordano Bruno and the geometry of language By Arielle Saiber

Giambattista Vico and Anglo-American science: philosophy and writing By Marcel Danesi

Beyond Good and Evil By Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

The New Anthology of American Poetry: Traditions and revolutions, beginnings... By Steven Gould Axelrod, Camille Roman, Thomas J. Travisano

The good European: Nietzsche's work sites in word and image By David Farrell Krell, Donald L. Bates

The Dragon Painter By Mary McNeil Fenollosa

At the speed of light there is only illumination: a reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan By John George Moss, Linda M. Morra

The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry: A Critical Edition By Ernest Fenollosa, Ezra Pound

From Whitney to Chomsky: essays in the history of American linguistics By John Earl Joseph

The imported pioneers: Westerners who helped build modern Japan By Neil Pedlar

Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Career By Edmund G. Bansak, Robert Wise

Spoken and written discourse: a multi-disciplinary perspective By Khosrow Jahandaríe

American literature and science By Robert J. Scholnick

The poetry of Ezra Pound By Hugh Kenner

Nietzsche: an introduction By Gianni Vattimo

News is people: the rise of local TV news and the fall of news from New York By Craig Allen

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