Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Prophets Conference: 2012 Tipping Point.

Taleweave 2012
Where to start? A.N Whitehead,
Mckenna’s sourcy Novelty theory
Jung McLuhan and Joyce therein.

Cosmic Trigger (1977).
Whitehead and/or Wilson,
“Concressence” as described by Whitehead

‘Consilence’ a word coined by
Edward O. Wilson to mean a
'jumping together of knowledge.

Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake
Terence, the transcendental Object
or (object/process) at the end of time/space?
the time-machine wordship?

The morning of December 12, 2012,
somewhere inside the world
Temporal Institute headquarters
in the Amazon Basin

by worldwide live high definition pod cast,
three-dimensional hook up,
the entire world tunes in to see the first
flight into spacetime, and out again.

tale of the tribesman in
scenario Universe, ideas surrounding
the 2012 phenomena. Kepler 20
21 Billion suns.

Geological phenomena, meteorite
strikes, time and calendars,
Prophecy, precognition.

New historicism, cosmology, anthropology
Giambattista Vico in particular
default to Joyce –world ages
shifting ages, gears, cyclical ages.

Vico, Joyce, McLuhan and Dr. Wilson
quality, our processing Maya guide
Winter Solstice 2012, why?
And How that?

Terence used old Neolithic lunar calendar
in which 64 six-line hexagrams: 384 lines in all
had represented the 384 days
in a thirteen month lunar year,

Ezra Pound’s interest in
the old Chinese cultures,
time-keeping and the Naxi rites,
King Wen appears in
the Cantos, but when and where?
In CANTOS time/space?

Maybe Timewave is inherent in the Cantos?
As in Finnegans Wake?
"The Universe Contains A Maybe" -

backfeed on the 2012 boom!
technological singularity or
Galactic alignment,

The re-doubling of information
each nano-second?
Age of the magicians?

Universal ideogramic
encyclo wisdom, holo systems
Touch screen timewave app.

--edited by fly, 7th August 2010